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No Strings

No Stands



Plant stands, brackets, hanging baskets and more.


There is an endless array of plant container products on the market,

which are all designed for one single purpose, display. 


What about the practicality and longevity of the product you are investing in?


These are just two contributing factors that are making “Planterbands” quickly known as being the most durable and versatile product on the market. 


The powder coated steel & stainless steel construction of the bands make them impervious to the elements, indoors and out.

Rain or shine, wind or snow, “Planterbands” will easily endure all four seasons. 


​They are extremely durable and will retain the pleasing modern aesthetic

of bright stainless steel finish or vibrant color  


Planterbands will stand the test of time,

Virtually a one time purchase.


The Environment

How many plastic plant hangers have you gone through?

We all know mother nature can be devastating to anything hanging outdoors, especially plastic.  UV rays and gusts of wind being the #1 enemy towards your beauties, we all know the effects of plastics on our environment. 

Made of Metal

The powder coated steel & stainless steel construction of Planterbands not only make them virtually impervious to the elements indoors or out, but are crafted environmentally friendly as well.


One of the most eco-friendly interior design materials because it is endlessly recyclable, as the waste it produces is reusable. With relatively little energy used to produce, scrap metal is turned into new steel.

Powder Coating

It is as important as ever to recognize how this environmentally friendly method has revolutionized both interior and exterior finishing. With no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), no solvents, enhanced durability and a beautiful, high-quality finish, powder coating over spray is reusable and recyclable.

The Test of Time

While the powder coated steel Planterbands will shine for decades indoors,

the stainless steel Planterbands boast centuries of outdoor shine!

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